Monday, May 24, 2010

Button Bouquet

This may be my all time favorite craft. I ADORE my button bouquet. The only thing I purchased was the wire to hold the buttons together, which was $2.50 for 3 yards at Michael's.. then I found the exact same stuff after I already purchased it for $2.00 for 6 yards at Wal-mart! Dang, what was I thinking!

My sister gave me all the old buttons because she already had like a million. Ahhh don't you just adore it!? (PS. don't you love my clock wall?! I will post about that later)

Monday, May 17, 2010


was: $8 Goodwill Table.

now: Baby's tea set table.

I found this small table at Goodwill for $10, and of course I had a coupon so it was only $8. Who even knows what this was used for, its to short to be an end table, side table, coffee table or nightstand. No idea. But I love it! Its just right for Baby. I actually really loved the color that it was, but it didn't match Baby's room and the stain was heavy and pealing, so it had to go. I sanded it down to the wood, and I am really glad that I did, because it had 3 different coats of stain! This thing is solid wood and very heavy. Isn't she just a beauty!? Baby that is!