Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby Shoes

I made these blue ones first and I really love the way they turned out.

But my second pair I like even better! The yarn was a little thiner and I think it looks way better! Now only if I had a little baby to put them on..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pin Cushion

I actually saw this on another blog and just knew I had to make it. 
You can find it here.
I choose to use a small frame (99 cents) and an old outdated pillow (99 cents!)

Spray painted him white and cut out a part of the flowers and used the insides from the pillow.

and ta-da! I LOVE it!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lamp Shade

I might just be my most favorite thing in my whole home. I love this lamp. The lamp was given to me by my husbands Grandmother (his Grandfather has a matching one! How special!) All the fabric was scrap fabric from my sister. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I re-painted all the brass parts, silver and gave it a good cleaning. What did it cost me? Not a thing!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

High Chair Seat Cover

I found this Highchair at Goodwill and it was marked 29.99 except that the 9 was smeared so it was hard to tell what it said. I asked a worker and they said it was 29. I thought that, that was too much to spend (even though it was an Eddie Beauer one from Target that retails for around $200) I had also been looking for a wooden one for a while but passed it up because it had Dog bites all over the bottom and was $30. I came home and told the Mr. about it, the good man that he is encouraged me to go back and buy it. This time a different worker told me that it was $25 (score!) plus I had a 20% off so I only paid $20 for it. Whoo Hoo!!! I made a new cover for it, that only cost $2.00, sanded and stained the whole thing. I love it!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hair Bow's

I did not made all of these, but I did make a good portion of them. I did not spend any money on any of the bows (the ones that I made) they were all from scrap fabric. The rest that I did not made were either trades or gifts. I love them all! The frame I got from Goodwill for $5, it had a picture of a baby tiger.. random! But easily re-purposed!

My Sister Jenny Crafting with me.

Easter Wreath

Thanks Chantal, for yet again an adorable craft! I love my Easter Wreath that only cost me $2.00!

Here is Chantal's. I love how hers is bigger and has more eggs.
Check out her blog!

Love Letters

Every couple needs Love letters, and well, the Mr. and I did not have any. 

This Love Letters will do just fine though. They were made from some wood that I already had and the fabric was brought from Goodwill on 50% day for $2.00

Oh how I Love these Love Letters.

Children's Chair

My sister's Father-in-Law owned his own construstion company and on ocassion they would demolation things. He always kept the usable things, and me and my sister, Chantal and Jenny benifited from these ones. Her mother-in-law is a super Genius and someone I wish to be just like. She can do just about anything.

She drew the blueprints for these ADORABLE chairs and taught us how to do everything.. every step of the way! The only thing that I had to purchase was the fabric, which for 2 chairs costs me $18.23. 

I adore it! One is in the nursery and the other is in our Family Room. The baby loves them too!

These are Chantal's.

and theses are Jennys.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Doll House Bookcase

The Mr. and I made this for our Daughter as a copycat dollhouse bookcase
 from Pottery Barn that you can get for $300. 

We spent less than $20.

We used an old bookcase that had been our shed for a while collecting dust. It was originally from Wal-Mart, the kind you put together yourself and made from partical board and has the look-a-like wood ironed on. It costs around $20. We used L brackets to attach the roof, we just had to bend them a little. This projects took a couple of days but was well worth it! I LOVE the way it turned out!

Display Bear

This bear was made out of an old favorite skirt. I found the pattern online for free and bought the stuffing at a Garage Sale from some ugly old pillows- it cost me 25 cents!

I loved this skirt when I fit into it, but that was 6 years and a baby ago, it has just been sitting in my closet hoping that someday I would fit into it again. I figured it was time to give it up and give it to Goodwill for someone else to enjoy. The next few days I was so sad that I had given it away and even considered going back to Goodwill to buy it so I could made something out of it. Call me crazy! Well, imagine my surprise when I found it in my closet the next day! I was so excited and got to it right away to made our little girl a bear. Now my skirt will be loved for many more years! Whoo Hoo!

Butterfly Chandelier

A Copycat from Pottery Barn (Theirs costs $85)
Mine costed.. 75 cents!

I used an oil shield for cooking that I got at The Salvation Army on 50% day for only 75 cents, painted it white and added the butterflies with sewing thread. I already had card stock paper and the butterfly punch, it took me a few hours from start to finish.