Thursday, July 29, 2010


This is actually a double feature. My very good friend gave me this necklace when I was helping her back-up her home. (She used to live 4 doors down.. but now likes 45 minutes away. ;( tear*) Anyways.. Bou was playing with this necklace and she said we could ahve it because she was planning on giving it away anyways. 
So basically it's a score! My hubby's brother is getting married next week and her colors are green, white and black so this necklace is perfect! It just needed a little more glam. So with some green nail polish it went from this:

To This!

don't you just love it! I sure do! Thanks for the necklace Elise!

This is the second feature, I made this jewelry holder from some cupboard doors that we're on a dresser that was my grandmother. (That dresser is still in our room, it is just a vanity now!) I love it! Can you tell that I love pearls also?

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