Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Antique Chair



this project cost me a whopping $0! 

The chair I got for free at a Garage Sale that my sister and I had. She found it in her backyard and told me I could have it. (Which I really, really wanted!) She put a "free" sticker on it at the sale (which I didn't know about!) But to my luck it was still there when we were done!  Thank goodness! 

I looked for a while for the right fabric but couldn't find anything until I went to a swap with my sister and found a white lace table cloth. It was perfect! I used yellow fabric I already had to go under it and replaced the batting and gave it a new paint job! I love it! I had it in my house for about a week before I decided to sell it. I only made $5 but it sold within 2 days it was just a fun little project to keep me busy.

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