Friday, April 2, 2010

Display Bear

This bear was made out of an old favorite skirt. I found the pattern online for free and bought the stuffing at a Garage Sale from some ugly old pillows- it cost me 25 cents!

I loved this skirt when I fit into it, but that was 6 years and a baby ago, it has just been sitting in my closet hoping that someday I would fit into it again. I figured it was time to give it up and give it to Goodwill for someone else to enjoy. The next few days I was so sad that I had given it away and even considered going back to Goodwill to buy it so I could made something out of it. Call me crazy! Well, imagine my surprise when I found it in my closet the next day! I was so excited and got to it right away to made our little girl a bear. Now my skirt will be loved for many more years! Whoo Hoo!

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