Saturday, April 3, 2010

Children's Chair

My sister's Father-in-Law owned his own construstion company and on ocassion they would demolation things. He always kept the usable things, and me and my sister, Chantal and Jenny benifited from these ones. Her mother-in-law is a super Genius and someone I wish to be just like. She can do just about anything.

She drew the blueprints for these ADORABLE chairs and taught us how to do everything.. every step of the way! The only thing that I had to purchase was the fabric, which for 2 chairs costs me $18.23. 

I adore it! One is in the nursery and the other is in our Family Room. The baby loves them too!

These are Chantal's.

and theses are Jennys.


  1. I love this project and I love your blog name. Super neat idea to incorporate the "green" way. I'll be watching and would love to feature your chairs on How about next week?